Nipping Press for UAB (pt. 5)

After the final shaping I bevel the corners . . .


sand an apply aniline dye.

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Peter Gould

I had the pleasure of meeting Jedi Woodworker Peter Gould.  A very nice, intelligent and spiritual artist of amazing talent.  Very happy to have the opportunity to speak with him and hope to see him again in October.

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New College Lectern in Use


I was very happy to see the lectern that I crafted for the University of Alabama’s New College Program being put to use.  Behind the lectern is Dr. Jim Hall, the director of the program.

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Artist’s Easel in Progress (pt. 4)




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Workshop with Tim Ely


Tim Ely is a Jedi and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to take this workshop.  The workshop was held on the campus of the University of Alabama in March.






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I am very excited to have one of my essays turned into an artist’s book by Amy C. LeePard.  I can’t wait to see what beautiful and creative work will be produced.  Amy’s craftsmanship is amazing and I feel very honored to have my words chosen for her work.


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Nipping Press for UAB (pt. 4)


Now for the final smoothing and shaping of the press.  I use a smoothing plane and scrapers to smooth the wood.

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