Ebony Folder


Ebony (bone) folder for book binding, box making or paper arts.

Folder Dimensions: L: 5.75″ x 1″

Box Dimensions: L: 7.5″ x W: 3.” x H: 2.25″

I rarely use power tools, instead I shape wood with handtools such as planes, chisels and saws. The folder is shaped by hand. The Walnut box is hand dovetailed. The folder itself rests inside
the box on a wooden pedestal.

The box has a hand rubbed oil finish, then polished with wax. There is no finish or wax on the folder, only the natural Ebony wood that has been hand rubbed for a fine sheen.

Please see my website for more information about me and my work:


This bone folder is hand carved using African Ebony and inlayed with Mother of Pearl.. The folder itself is housed in a handcrafted box made of Walnut.

You may see my book binding tools in person at the Colophon Book Arts Supply, Kentuck Arts Center, and the Morgan Papermaking Conservatory.

I make each tool by hand, so no two tools will be exactly alike.

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