Nipping Press for UAB (pt. 1)

My recent visit and talk at the University of Alabama at Birmingham was a great experience.  I met some wonderful people and got to spend time with friends that I love.  As a Jemison Visiting Artist, I was asked to produce a piece for the University.  I began crafting this nipping press while demoing for a class.  There was not enough time to get very far into the work, I mainly demonstrated the techniques and tools used to make the joints.  Now that I am back in the studio I will document the completion of the press.

Here are the parts of the press in the studio after the UAB demo.  The wood is dimensioned, the dovetails are cut, and the mortises have been chiseled out of one side.

The first task is to chisel the mortises from the side wall of the press.  I use a mortising chisel to remove the waste.

Since this is a through tenon – meaning the tenon will travel through the side wall – I remove the waste on one side of the piece of wood, then begin removing waste on the other.

Next I begin cutting the tenons for the mortises.  I built this portable twin screw vice to use for the demo and really fell in love with it.


The vice is based on an engraving in Joseph Moxon’s book The Art of Joinery published in 1678.

Tenons marked and ready to saw.

Here the cuts have been made and it is time to remove the shoulders.

And the mortises roughed out.  At this point I will shape the mortises and tenons with chisels for a nice fit.


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2 Responses to Nipping Press for UAB (pt. 1)

  1. Awesome… should come in handy when I build my own nipping press

  2. Doug Baulos says:

    had a great time in class looking at part one two and three!

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