Small Dovetail Marker

I made an Ebony dovetail marker to use with my new marking knife.  I plan to make several dovetailed walnut boxes, so this new marker will be a welcome addition to the tool chest.

I typically use a sliding bevel to layout dovetails, but a dedicated marker will save a lot of time.

Here are the steps that I used to craft the marker:

Dovetails in hardwood typically have a 1:8 ratio.

Draw a vertical line at least 8 inches long.  From the top of the vertical, measure and mark a 1″ horizontal line from the top.

Mark 8″ on the vertical.

Connect the lines and set the sliding bevel gage.

Mark the angle on the wood for reference.

I use my bench hook as a miter for angles.  I mark the angle on the bench hook and saw a kerf.

And now I am ready to saw the Ebony that will be used for the dovetail marker.

First cut.

Second cut.  Almost finished.

Cutting the back.  This piece will register the marker when in use.

Pieces glued.

Overall, a very simple project that will produce a useful and time saving tool.


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