Illumination no. 2

Available now through my Etsy Shop.

Meditation lamp influenced by the shoji lamps of Japan and the Arts and Crafts movement. I am interested in creating illuminations without the use of paper, only wood. It is my observation that using only wood to craft lamps gives the light a warm, natural element.

This illumination is perfect for yoga, meditation, quiet, peaceful and tranquil spaces. It’s great for rooms with an arts and crafts feel. I use one in my writing/painting room (pictured). It will add calm and focus to any room.

Wooden screens illuminate the beauty and depth of the wood, casting a soft pleasing glow. I am very excited to offer these lamps.

The illumination is made from spalted maple and black walnut, and uses a common bulb. The illumination was created using handtools. I cut and shaped the parts and joints using chisels, handsaws and handplanes.


h:18″ x w:9.75″ x d”8″

Comes with a 6′ long cord with an on/off switch build in.

To see images of the lamp in progress, please visit:


I offer a five day approval period on all purchases. If the lamp does not fit your lifestyle or decor, feel free to send the item back for a full refund (minus shipping). Please feel free to contact me with any questions

I am very proud and excited to offer this item. I am sure it will make a lovely addition to your home.


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