Patience and Handwork

Last week I was moved by a short film and a quote, both mutually harmonious.

Below, a short piece by Matthew Allard:

The Art Of Patience from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.

Next, a quote from teacher and woodworker Doug Stowe:

“I can tell you a few interesting things about work. Work in the real world, doing hand work or hard work or both work can be one of two things depending on your attitude. You work with joy toward personal fulfillment and expression of care, or you do not. One path leads to wisdom, the other does not. As we work, dependent on that choice, we either stew in things and grow angry or we become expansive in our thinking of things we might contribute toward the greater good.”

I look forward to Mondays.  Monday means that I have a whole week ahead of me in the studio.

And so, with it being Monday, time to begin again.


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One Response to Patience and Handwork

  1. i love mondays, too…for the same reason.

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