Wooden Bicycle Rack with lights

Available now through my Etsy Shop.

Handcrafted wooden bicycle rack. Hand shaped from Walnut with a durable Polyurethane finish.  Three blinking led lights are built into the rack.

This stylish rack is perfect for commuting and shopping. Simple and elegant, this rack works perfectly with saddle bag style panniers such as Laplander’s City Panniers , Brooks Brick Lane panniers, and many styles of Basil panniers. Wire baskets may be used with ease, as well as support for saddlebags such as Carradice.

This rack features three bright, flashing led lights built into the rack.  Bright enough to use during the day and highly visible at night.

The three led lights are powered by a 9 volt battery housed in a protective hardshell case within a hand sewn canvas bag.  The lights are controlled by a high quality toggle switch, which is easily accessed through the bag.  The switch is placed so that the rider is able to switch the rear lights on and off without getting off of the bike.  The canvas bag may be tucked underneath the saddle and held in place with the supplied leather straps, or placed in a saddlebag.

The rack is simple to attach and will work with any bike. Since the rack is custom fit to your bike, a hacksaw will be needed to cut the legs to length. A number 10 wrench and an average bike tool (or allen wrench) will be needed. Full instructions are included.

Alternately, your local bike shop will be able to attach the rack without any problem.

From November 2009 to November 2010, my family decided to forgo the car and travel exclusively by bicycle. For one year we shopped, ran errands, bought groceries, traveled to work and grad school, all by bike. The experiment with biking as a sole means of transportation was an amazing success, and an eye opening experience. I viewed travel differently, and lead a simpler life. In many ways it was one of the best years of my life.

Our year of biking was made easier with well designed products such as Laplander panniers, Schwalbe tires and a Brooks saddle, but I found that I had to overcome other problems that did not have such simple and elegant solutions. Being a woodworker, and natural born tinkerer, I began crafting items that made the commute easier, bringing all of those “I wish there was some way to…” moments to reality.

After a year, we ended up buying a car, but we still travel mostly by bike, and still run most of our errands on two wheels.


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2 Responses to Wooden Bicycle Rack with lights

  1. Allison says:

    I’d love to see the pictures of the rack in use – with stuff piled high.

    • Randy J. Arnold says:

      I’ll take a photo of my next trip to the grocery. We always buy just a little more than I think I can carry, but somehow we always make it home with everything intact.

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