Dauphin Island

Photographs from a recent birding trip on Dauphin Island

Goat Tree on Dauphin Island. “Several areas of the Island are covered by tall oak trees which doubtless are several hundred years old. In some of these trees the herds of wild goats on the island would climb to the upper limbs at night to sleep where they would be protected from night prowling alligators.”

Tree located on the Shell Middens at Indian Mound Park (notice the man standing to the right of the tree for a sense of scale). The shell middens located at Indian Mound Park date to the Mississippian period (1100 to 1550). “The mounds were visited throughout this period by Native American mound builders who harvested oysters and fished in Little Dauphin Island Sound, an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico. In 1699, Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville landed on the island and discovered a large pile of human bones. Based on the discovery, d’Iberville coined the name Massacre Island. It is now assumed that these were not remnants of a massacre but remains dislodged from a burial mound during a hurricane. The height and serpentine shape of the shell mounds on the north side of the island indicated use or habitation by earlier civilizations.” -Wikipedia


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