By These Gifts, The Spirit Lives On

I received this piece of Elk bone as a gift from my friend Jim Croft.  He suggested that I experiment with Elk Bone as nut material for my instruments.



And by the roots….



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2 Responses to By These Gifts, The Spirit Lives On

  1. Allison says:

    and how did you find elk bone by comparison of other materials?

    • Randy J. Arnold says:

      Jim mentioned that the elk bone is denser than the cow bone that I usually use. I have experimented with different woods as nut material. The density of the wood seems to determine the brightness of tone, so I would assume that the elk bone will cause the tone to be brighter, but I have yet to string it up and play it. Of course, brightness does not mean a pleasing tone, necessarily. If that were the case, instrument makers would use metal as a material for making nuts. I am interested to find out how the elk bone will sound. Hopefully by the end of the day I will know.

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